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config/wikia SUS-3883 | VideoPageTool can go away Feb 1, 2018
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docs Remove no longer used wfShellMaintenanceCmd Jun 20, 2018
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images gitignore Aug 17, 2012
includes Fixing tests to not call deleted wiki (#15573) Jun 20, 2018
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lib Merge pull request #15553 from Wikia/SUS-5267-consul-getDataCentersFo… Jun 18, 2018
maintenance added google fonts hosts to known hosts Jun 13, 2018
mw-config new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
resources Revert "add "callbacks" to tracking data to allow tracking events to … Jun 13, 2018
serialized gitignore Aug 17, 2012
skins Merge pull request #15455 from Wikia/ADEN-7156 Jun 5, 2018
tests Merge pull request #15173 from Wikia/SUS-4591 Jun 13, 2018
.editorconfig Update .editorconfig for PHP and SCSS configuration Jul 9, 2015
.eslintignore ADEN-7045 Adding AdEngine lint and fixing errors May 21, 2018
.eslintrc.json ADEN-7045 Adding AdEngine lint and fixing errors May 21, 2018
.gitignore Add overtrue/phplint for linting PHP pull requests May 24, 2018
.jsbeautifyrc removing break chained method js-beautify configuration Feb 19, 2014
.jscs.json Fix JSCS after change deprecated validateJSDoc to jsDoc Nov 19, 2015
.jshintignore js-beautify and jshint videohandlers extension Mar 25, 2014
.jshintrc reverting jshintrc change Oct 10, 2014
.npmrc add .npmrc Mar 26, 2018
.scss-lint.yml Merge uconn-1 conflicts: Nov 17, 2014
.travis.yml Use TravisCI to run php linter May 24, 2018
AdminSettings.sample upgraded to MW 1.15.1 Aug 24, 2009
CODEOWNERS SUS-4174 | Remove AntiBot framework Feb 15, 2018
COPYING Merged in some easy changes from MW 1.19. Feb 29, 2012
CREDITS Revert test commit for webhooks Dec 8, 2014
Doxyfile adding lib/Wikia/src to Doxyfile Sep 18, 2014
FAQ ... and move mw1.16 into trunk Dec 16, 2010
HISTORY remove unused hooks/events Jun 6, 2016
INSTALL new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
LocalSettings.php LocalSettings | throw RuntimeException, ConfigException is not yet av… Jun 13, 2018 Adding BrowserStack logo to , in compliance with their OSS … May 7, 2018
RELEASE-NOTES-1.19 (MAIN-4265) Apply MediaWiki 1.19.24 security release to core Mar 31, 2015
UPGRADE Merged in some easy changes from MW 1.19. Feb 29, 2012
api.php (PLATFORM-3277) Backport patch for T128209 from MW 1.29.2 Nov 14, 2017
api.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version Aug 26, 2008
apple-touch-icon.png Update apple-touch icon Mar 17, 2014
build.xml fixes double delete in phing script Mar 19, 2013
composer.json Merge branch 'dev' into SUS-5274-dba-ext Jun 19, 2018
composer.lock Install wikimedia/scoped-callback composer dependency Jun 5, 2018
img_auth.php s/wfRunHooks/Hooks::run/g Jul 12, 2017
img_auth.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version Aug 26, 2008
index.php converted the rest of calls to newrelic_name_transaction() to use Met… Jun 26, 2014
index.php5 new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
load.php refactored majority of the code to non-static classes Jul 4, 2014
load.php5 new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
opensearch_desc.php s/wfRunHooks/Hooks::run/g Jul 12, 2017
opensearch_desc.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version Aug 26, 2008
package-lock.json ADEN-7045 Adding AdEngine lint and fixing errors May 21, 2018
package.json ADEN-7045 Adding AdEngine lint and fixing errors May 21, 2018
profileinfo.php new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
redirect-canonical.php SEO-252 Interwiki links sometimes add an extra "/Wiki/" Jan 28, 2016
server.php and fixed path to extension Oct 28, 2009
slowtests.txt Remove list of slow tests; remove debug stuff Jan 22, 2014
thumb.php s/wfRunHooks/Hooks::run/g Jul 12, 2017
thumb.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version Aug 26, 2008
thumb_handler.php new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
thumb_handler.php5 new trunk is 1.19 Jul 2, 2012
wgStyleVersion.php reformat comments Apr 16, 2018
wiki.phtml ... and move mw1.16 into trunk Dec 16, 2010
wikia-robots-txt.php SEO-351 Use PHP namespace for PHP classes Apr 11, 2016
wikia.php Start the profiler in Setup.php Jun 5, 2018
yarn.lock ADEN-6131 Add ad-engine, ad-products dependencies Nov 6, 2017

Wikia MediaWiki app

About this repository

This is the source code of FANDOM's custom MediaWiki 1.19 installation, including extensions. As it is not designed to be portable, it is not considered to be suitable for external use, and we cannot offer support for such use cases. If you are looking to install MediaWiki for yourself, you can grab the latest version from their official website, and extend it with third-party extensions.

Contribution guidelines

Contributions are welcome! Please note that all external contributions are governed by our Pull Request Policy, which means only fixes for reported bugs can be accepted—feature implementations and other changes will be rejected.

Licensing information

MediaWiki is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Copyright 2001 - 2017. A list of authors can be found here; authors of changes made in this repository are listed in the commit history.

Extensions and skins may be released under different licenses than MediaWiki itself. Most of them are usually distributed with a copy of their respective licenses and copyright notices.

Additional Notes

Wikia uses BrowserStack to assist with our automated testing efforts.