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Merge pull request #8700 from Wikia/SEO-12-html-titles-for-category-p…


SEO-12 Fix HTML titles for most of the pages
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bin Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
cache ... and move mw1.16 into trunk
config/wikia merge with dev
docs removing js doc, shouldn't have gotten in there
extensions Merge pull request #8700 from Wikia/SEO-12-html-titles-for-category-p…
images gitignore
includes Merge pull request #8700 from Wikia/SEO-12-html-titles-for-category-p…
languages SEO-12 Use em dash consistently as a SEO separator
lib enable preference service in reston since instances have been deploye…
live_code_coverage Adds a tool for reporting on code coverage, as recorded on a live ser…
maintenance Merge pull request #8732 from Wikia/SEO-101
mw-config new trunk is 1.19
resources Merge pull request #8643 from Wikia/aden-2430-rollout-per-continent-v2
serialized gitignore
skins Merge pull request #8660 from Wikia/CE-2724
static ADEN-1244 New variable for 71M ads
tests Merge pull request #8617 from Wikia/SOC-926
.editorconfig Update .editorconfig for PHP and SCSS configuration
.gitignore Let mediawiki autoloader run first
.jsbeautifyrc removing break chained method js-beautify configuration
.jscs.json ignoring js files generated by grunt-mustache
.jshintignore js-beautify and jshint videohandlers extension
.jshintrc reverting jshintrc change
.scss-lint.yml Merge uconn-1 conflicts:
.travis.yml merge with dev
AdminSettings.sample upgraded to MW 1.15.1
COPYING Merged in some easy changes from MW 1.19.
CREDITS Revert test commit for webhooks
Doxyfile adding lib/Wikia/src to Doxyfile
FAQ ... and move mw1.16 into trunk
HISTORY (CE-515) Merge patch for MW 1.19.9
INSTALL new trunk is 1.19
LocalSettings.php Revert "PLATFORM-868: allow MW_INSTALL_PATH to control $IP in wikia-l… Update
RELEASE-NOTES-1.19 (MAIN-4265) Apply MediaWiki 1.19.24 security release to core
StartProfiler.php Merged #4087 into this week release branch
StartProfiler.sample new trunk is 1.19
UPGRADE Merged in some easy changes from MW 1.19.
api.php refactored majority of the code to non-static classes
api.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
apple-touch-icon.png Update apple-touch icon
build.xml fixes double delete in phing script
composer.json composer: require sensiolabs/consul-php-sdk
composer.lock composer: require sensiolabs/consul-php-sdk
crowdin.conf CONCF-146 add message to EN language and init crowdin project
img_auth.php change $wgProfilingDataLogged in wfLogProfilingData()
img_auth.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
index.php converted the rest of calls to newrelic_name_transaction() to use Met…
index.php5 new trunk is 1.19
load.php refactored majority of the code to non-static classes
load.php5 new trunk is 1.19
opensearch_desc.php opensearch: remove Expires and X-Pass-Expires response headers
opensearch_desc.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
package.json npm test: run js-all from /tests
profileinfo.php new trunk is 1.19
redirect-robots.php SEO-98 Roll back to the old robots.txt
redirect.php new trunk is 1.19
redirect.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
redirect.phtml ... and move mw1.16 into trunk
server.php and fixed path to extension
slowtests.txt Remove list of slow tests; remove debug stuff
thumb.php merge uconn-4 into UC-169
thumb.php5 Starting trunk/ based on a MW 1.13 version
thumb_handler.php new trunk is 1.19
thumb_handler.php5 new trunk is 1.19
wiki.phtml ... and move mw1.16 into trunk
wikia-robots-txt.php SEO-58 Block ?oldid param (duplicate and old content)
wikia.php Reverting change which seemed to be committed properly


Code Climate

For system requirements, installation and upgrade details, see the files RELEASE-NOTES, INSTALL, and UPGRADE.

== MediaWiki ==

MediaWiki is the software used for Wikipedia [] and the other Wikimedia Foundation websites. Compared to other wikis, it has an excellent range of features and support for high-traffic websites using multiple servers (Wikimedia sites peak in the 100K+ requests per second range as of January 2012).

While quite usable on smaller sites, you may find you have to "roll your own" local documentation, and some aspects of configuration may seem overcomplicated because MediaWiki is primarily targeted as an in-house tool.

The MediaWiki software was written by:

  • Lee Daniel Crocker
  • Magnus Manske
  • Jan Hidders
  • Brion Vibber
  • Axel Boldt
  • Geoffrey T. Dairiki
  • Tomasz Wegrzanowski
  • Erik Moeller
  • Tim Starling
  • Gabriel Wicke
  • Antoine Musso
  • Evan Prodromou
  • Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
  • Niklas Laxström
  • Domas Mituzas
  • Rob Church
  • Jens Frank
  • Yuri Astrakhan
  • Aryeh Gregor
  • Aaron Schulz
  • Andrew Garrett
  • Raimond Spekking
  • Alexandre Emsenhuber
  • Siebrand Mazeland
  • Chad Horohoe
  • Roan Kattouw
  • Trevor Pascal
  • Bryan Tong Minh
  • Sam Reed
  • Victor Vasiliev
  • Rotem Liss
  • Platonides
  • Antoine Musso
  • Several others (view CREDITS for a more complete list)

The contributors hold the copyright to this work, and it is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later (see Derivative works and later versions of the code must be free software licensed under the same or a compatible license. This includes "extensions" that use MediaWiki functions or variables; see for details.

The Wikimedia Foundation currently has no legal rights to the software.

Sections of code written exclusively by Lee Crocker or Erik Moeller are also released into the public domain, which does not impair the obligations of users under the GPL for use of the whole code or other sections thereof.

MediaWiki makes use of the Sajax Toolkit by modernmethod, which has the following license:

'This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution
License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter
to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way,
Stanford, California 94305, USA.'

MediaWiki use Creative Commons license marks to points to their online licenses. This content is trademarked and used under a specific license available at The restricted content is:

  • skins/common/images/cc-by-nc-sa.png
  • skins/common/images/cc-by-sa.png

Many thanks to the Wikimedia regulars for testing and suggestions.

The official website for MediaWiki is located at:

The code is currently maintained in a Subversion repository at See for details.

Please report bugs and make feature requests in our Bugzilla system:

Documentation and discussion on new features may be found at:

Extensions are listed at:

If you are setting up your own wiki based on this software, it is highly recommended that you subscribe to mediawiki-announce:

The mailing list is very low volume, and is intended primarily for announcements of new versions, bug fixes, and security issues.

A higher volume support mailing list can be found at:

Developer discussion takes place at:

There is also a development and support channel #mediawiki on

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