A place for one-off data science and NLP scripts
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This project is reserved for scripts designed to be run against our NLP/data science pipeline.

Once completed, this project will fully deprecate the nlp-rest-client project along with the following repos:

  • mrg_utils -- an s-expression parsing library capable of identifying semantic heads (we can probably eventually deprecate this in favor of CoreNLP dependency parses)
  • corenlp-xml-lib -- a data model for CoreNLP XML parses
  • nlp_services -- a set of heavily-cached services that utilize the above data model
  • WikiaAuthority -- a separate project that uses MediaWiki and Wikia APIs to identify the most authoritative pages and authors for a given wiki
  • wiki-recommender -- a set of recommendation prototypes that use data this library is responsible for generative

(Why yes, the nomenclature for the above projects should be standardized, thank you for noticing.)