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A simple Marathon -> Influxdb reporter
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marathon-event-metrics is a tool for reporting Marathon events to InfluxDB.


The tool is configured via the following environment variables:

  • INFLUX_HOST (no default value) - InfluxDB host
  • INFLUX_PORT (8086) - InfluxDB http API port
  • INFLUX_DB (marathon) - name of the database that will hold the measurements. It must already exist. The tool will use the default retention policy.
  • INFLUX_STATIC_TAGS (no default value) - a set of static tags to be sent with every data point, formatted according to Influx's line protocol, e. g. environment=dev,foo=bar
  • MARATHON_HOST (localhost) - Marathon host
  • MARATHON_PORT (8080) - Marathon http API port
  • CALLBACK_HOST (localhost) - the host that Marathon should send the events to, aka the host this application is running on
  • PORT0 (defaults to the value of APP_PORT) - this application's http API port that is available "publicly" (e. g. when running inside a Docker container)
  • APP_PORT (9999) - the "local" http API port

Running the application

Locally (requires NodeJS)

npm start

Using Docker

docker build .
docker run -e 'INFLUX_HOST=...' -e ... <image-id>

Supported events

Currently the tool reports the following event types:

  • status_update_event
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