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This is a student project of the Data and Web Science (DWS) group of the University of Mannheim. The overall goal is to create a knowledge graph out of the fandom (a.k.a. Wikia) wiki farm and link it to DBpedia.
The program implemented here determines all available wiki dumps on wikia, downloads them, mass-processes them using the DBpedia Extraction Framework, postprocesses the output and maps resources, properties and classes to DBpedia.

Furthermore, it provides functionality to compile various statistics. A gold standard for evaluating the performance of mappers including several mapping files is also available. The resulting knowledge graph is published online.

Goals of this Project

The goal of this project is to create a linked open data dataset. The tools published here download all available wikis from Wikia (a.k.a. fandom), extract them to create triples and map those triples to existing DBpedia resources.

Technical Prerequisites

There are some prerequisites that must be fulfilled in order to be able to run the program.

  • Java, Maven and Git have to be installed
  • internet connectivity has to be available throughout the whole process
  • at least 12 gigabytes of RAM have to be allocated to the JVM
  • at least 100 gigabytes freely available disk space

About this Guide

This file represents the main guide of the project. It comprises all information required to run the process but will also give you guidance if you are interested in implementation details. You will find more files within some subfolders. Those describe implementation details. You do not have to read them if you are not interested in the implementation. This guide also contains links to directories or other webpages so that you can find the place where the discussed subject is located.


Create the following directory structure (you can name root_directory whatever you like, but the other directory names have to match):

|      +---pageids
|      +---redirects
|      +---ontology
|      +---properties

Go to the DBpedia download page, download the files listed below and decompress them. Put the decompressed files into the specified directory:

  • DBpedia Ontology (nt) → ontology
  • Page Ids (ttl) → pageids
  • Rransitive Redirects (ttl) → redirects
  • Infobox Property Definitions (ttl) → properties

You can choose whatever version you like, however, if you want to use the provided gold standard for evaluation, go for version 2016-10.

Please copy the sample properties file directly into the resources folder and adjust it. Have a look at the detailed description of all variables which need to be specified in the properties file.

Setup the Project

This project is set-up as a Maven project. After cloning the project into your local workspace, execute the following command in the top-level project folder to install all dependencies:

mvn clean install

You have to run the same command in the /lib/dbpedia-extraction-framework directory.

How to Execute the Program?

When everything is set up, you can execute the single process application by running the following command:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="applications.SingleProcessAllWikisApplication"

This application will get a list of all wikis, download all wikis according to the languages specified in the configuration file, extract all wikis using the DBpedia Extraction Framework and postprocess all wikis. After successfully running the program, you will find the postprocessed wikis in root_directory/postProcessedWikis. You can find statistics created on-the-fly in root_directory/statistics.

If you just want to see the output of one or e.g. a specific list of wikis, you can execute the single process application for specific wikis. Therefore, you have to specify the URLs in the main method before executing. Note that you also have to specify the language code for downloading in the file and only one language can be used at a time.

Common Problems

  • Verify that you have downloaded all required files and have placed them correctly in the resources folder.
  • Verify that you have placed the file in the resource directory and that you have specified the variables (root directory etc.) correctly (see here).
  • A common mistake is that the wikis which shall be processed are in a language that is not specified in the properties file. Note that only one language can be specified and processed at a time.
  • If the DBpedia extractor does not seem to work, check whether the files were loaded and whether the project is built (can be found in lib directory).
  • If the DBpedia extractor does not seem to work but all files are there, check whether the shell file in the class directory has execution rights (this problem only affects linux and mac).
  • It might be helpful to refer to the log files when encountering a problem. In this project, Apache Log4j is used. You can adapt the logging behavior to your requirements by editing the log4j.xml configuration file. By default, log files are written into <root_directory>/logs. You will additionally get a console output.

Implementation Details

General Structure and Implementation Documentation

The project is mainly implemented in Java. The main process is divided in sub-processes which are organized in folders (= packages in Java). Within those folders you will find additional files which further explain the particular module from a technical perspective. It is not required to read those if you are not interested in the implementation. Sometimes, packages contain an application which allow to execute only a module. If you are interested in executing only a part of the process, this will save you time but note that those applications usually require that you executed other applications beforehand at least once. All code is documented using JavaDoc.

DBpedia Extraction Framework

The DBpedia Extraction Framework used in our project to process dumps is a forked version of the latest release. The forked version is included as a submodule into our project. Note that the semantic mappings for the English language were deleted in the mappings file(/lib/dbpedia-extraction-framework/mappings/Mapping_en.xml). If you want to process wikis different than English and also exclude the semantic mappings, then perform the changes in folder lib/dbpedia-extraction-framework/mappings for the selected language code.


This project includes several applications which can either be run in a combined way within the single process or each application by itself which requires some more knowledge. These are all existing applications including a short description:

To allow for a stable program, prerequisites are checked before running the actual process. Please check before running any process whether all mentioned prerequisites are fulfilled.

File Structure

In the file, you specify a root directory. For a regular program run-through this is already sufficient. If you want to extend the coding or execute only parts of the complete chain of commands, you have to know about the file structure.

|      +---pageids
|      +---redirects
|      +---ontology
|      +---properties
|     +---7z
|     +---gz
|     +---decompressed

The program performs a lot of file operations. All of those file operations are handled within the root_directory that you specify in the file.

  • The resources directory contains different files from DBpedia. This folder requires user interaction: the user has to put the files in the directory (as specified in "How to execute the Program?").
    • The pageids directory should contain a TTL file with all page ids of DBpedia. This is required for some mappers to work.
    • The redirects directory should contain a TTL file with all redirects of DBpedia. This is required for some mappers to work.
    • The ontology directory should contain a TTL file with all ontologies of DBpedia. This is required for some mappers to work.
    • The properties mapper should contain a TTL file with all properties of DBpedia. This is required for some mappers to work.
  • The downloadedWikis directory contains plain dumps from wikia.
    • The 7z directory contains all wikis that were downloaded in the 7z format.
    • The gz directory contains all wikis that were downloaded in the gz format.
    • The decompressed directory contains all wikis from the 7z and gz folder but in a decompressed format.
  • The logs directory contains logs that are written during runtime.
  • The dbPediaExtractionFormat folder contains the decompressed wiki dumps that are following a file structure required for the DBpedia extractor to work.
  • The postProcessedWikis directory contains all wikis in their final postprocessed form. After successfully running the program, the user should find the final output here.
  • The statistics directory contains various statistics files that are created throughout the process.

Code Quality and Unit Tests

All tests can be found in the Test Directory. Please note that the test coverage is not 100%.


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