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.travis wire up the travis translation sync back script to fire similarly to … Nov 30, 2018
TWLight Merge pull request #251 from Samwalton9/display-access-codes Apr 4, 2019
conf Make gunicorn start on boot Feb 16, 2017
docs Merge pull request #200 from WikipediaLibrary/dev-deploy-shell-cleanup Jan 10, 2019
locale Localisation updates from Apr 15, 2019
media Ensure media directory exists via .gitignore. Fix up logs dir to work… Mar 26, 2018
.gitignore Update .gitignore Jul 31, 2018
.travis.yml limit test coverage to TWLight in .travis.yml Jan 9, 2019
Procfile More heroku yakshaving Mar 25, 2016 hardcode branch for coverage status. Nov 20, 2018 Revamping for consistency with WMF server environment Feb 26, 2016
requirements.txt diff-match-patch needed by reversion for generate_patch_html Sep 30, 2016

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