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"__language": "en-us",
"__author": [
"Eridanus Sora",
"__version": "209",
"unknown_error_name": "Unknown error",
"api_unaccessiable": "API of this wiki is not available",
"api_unwriteable": "Write API of this wiki is not available",
"fail_to_get_timestamp": "Failed to get the timestamp of this page.",
"fail_to_get_edittoken": "Failed to get the EditToken of this page.",
"fail_to_get_pageinfo": "Failed to load infomation of this page",
"not_autoconfirmed_user": "You are not an autoconfiremd user",
"hit_abusefilter": "Your edit hit the abusefilter(s)",
"unknown_edit_error": "Unknown edit error",
"unknown_edit_error_message": "Unknown edit error($1)",
"notitle": "The title parameter must be set",
"notext": "The text parameter must be set",
"notoken": "The token parameter must be set",
"invalidsection": "The section parameter must be set to an integer or 'new'",
"protectedtitle": "This title has been protected from creation",
"cantcreate": "You don't have permission to create new pages",
"cantcreate_anon": "Anonymous users can't create new pages",
"articleexists": "The article you tried to create has already existed",
"noimageredirect_anon": "Anonymous users can't create image redirects",
"noimageredirect": "You don't have the permission to create image redirects",
"spamdetected": "Your edit was rejected because it contained a spam fragment",
"filtered": "The filter callback function rejected your edit",
"contenttoobig": "The content you submitted exceeds the article size limit",
"noedit_anon": "Anonymous users can't edit pages",
"noedit": "You don't have the permission to edit pages",
"pagedeleted": "The page was deleted during your edit",
"emptypage": "Creating new, empty pages is not allowed",
"emptynewsection": "Creating empty new sections is not possible.",
"editconflict": "Edit Conflict! Don't panic. Please check the difference between your content below and the existing revision, then refresh the page to make another submit",
"revwrongpage": "The revision you are editing now is not one a valid reversions of this page",
"undofailure": "Undo failed due to conflicts.",
"missingtitle": "Missing title in your edit/creation",
"mustbeposted": "The edit must be submited by POST method",
"readapidenied": "Read API Denied",
"writeapidenied": "Write API Denied",
"noapiwrite": "No available write API in this wiki",
"badtoken": "Invalid EditToken",
"missingparam": "One of the parameters title, pageid is required",
"invalidparammix": "The parameters title, pageid can not be used together",
"invalidtitle": "Invalid page title",
"nosuchpageid": "Inexistent page ID",
"pagecannotexist": "No access to create a new page in this namespace",
"nosuchrevid": "Inexisting reversion ID",
"badmd5": "Invalid MD5",
"hookaborted": "Your edit was rejected by the hook(s)",
"parseerror": "Failed to parse the wikitext of this page",
"summaryrequired": "No summary in your edit",
"blocked": "You has been already BLOCKED",
"ratelimited": "You've exceeded your rate limit. Please have a tea and try again later",
"unknownerror": "Unknown error",
"nosuchsection": "There is no such section",
"sectionsnotsupported": "Can't edit in this section",
"editnotsupported": "Can't edit in this section by writing section",
"appendnotsupported": "Can't append/prepend wikitext to this page",
"redirect_appendonly": "Only append/prepend can be made to this page because of the rules of the redirect page",
"badformat": "The requested serialization format can not be applied to the page's content model",
"customcssprotected": "You're not allowed to edit custom CSS pages",
"customjsprotected": "You're not allowed to edit custom JavaScript pages",
"cascadeprotected": "This page is under a cascading protection",
"network_edit_error": "Failed to edit this page because of network errors",
"redirect_to_summary": "Redirect to [[$1]] \/\/ Wikiplus",
"redirect_from_summary": "Redirect [[$1]] to [[$2]] \/\/ Wikiplus",
"need_init": "WikiPlus haven't been loaded completely. It's a rare occasion so you can try to refresh and try again.",
"fail_to_get_wikitext": "Failed to load the wikitext of this page",
"quickedit_topbtn": "QuickEdit",
"quickedit_sectionbtn": "QuickEdit",
"fail_to_init_quickedit": "Failed to initialize WikiPlus",
"back": "Back",
"goto_editbox": "Jump to editbox",
"summary_placehold": "Edit summary",
"submit": "Submit",
"publish_page": "Publish Page",
"publish_change": "Publish Changes",
"preview": "Preview",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"mark_minoredit": "Mark this edit as a minor edit",
"onclose_confirm": "[Wikiplus] Do you really want to close this page when you are still editing it, as you will lose all your unsaved work?",
"fail_to_get_wikitext_when_edit": "Failed to load wikitext for your edit",
"cant_parse_wikitext": "Failed to parse the wikitext",
"loading_preview": "Loading the preview",
"submitting_edit": "Submitting your edit",
"edit_success": "Your edit is submitted within $1ms",
"empty_page_confirm": "The wikitext in your edit is empty, which will empty this page.\r\nPlease set the value of key \"empty\" true to allow this kind of edits. (This is a tip for developers)",
"cross_page_edit": "The content you are editing belongs to another page, please wait...",
"cross_page_edit_submit": "Submitting your edit...",
"cross_page_edit_error": "Failed to load the infomation",
"install_tip": "Do you allow WikiPlus to collect insensitive data to help us develop WikiPlus and provide feedback to current site: $1 ?",
"accept": "Yes",
"decline": "No",
"install_finish": "Wikiplus is installed, enjoy it",
"loading": "Loading",
"cant_add_funcbtn": "Failed to add buttons for WikiPlus",
"wikiplus_settings": "Wikiplus Setting",
"wikiplus_settings_desc": "Please modify your setting according to the standards below",
"wikiplus_settings_placeholder": "Your setting is empty, please modify your setting according to the documentation.",
"wikiplus_settings_grammar_error": "Syntax error in your setting",
"wikiplus_settings_saved": "Your settings have been saved",
"redirect_from": "Redirect from",
"redirect_desc": "Which page do you want to redirect here?",
"empty_input": "Empty input",
"redirect_saved": "Redirection is finished",
"uninited": "Wikiplus is not completely initialized, please refeash this page",
"cant_parse_i18ncache": "Failed to parse the cache of i18n file",
"cant_load_language": "Failed to load i18n file",
"history_edit_warning": " // You are trying to edit a history revision of this page. This will apply to the latest revision. Please be careful.",
"create_page_tip": "<!-- You are now creating a new page. Please delete this line and be careful. -->",
"continue": "Continue anyway",
"default_summary_suffix": "// Edit via Wikiplus"