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Put your code on the wall as a poster
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You're proud of your new code project and just want to see it day and night? Make a poster out of your code with CodePoster.

If you want to read more about the project please check out my blog post

Possible results

Standard version

Matrix version


This project uses Julia and the following extensions:


which you can install by running julia and then ] add ArgParse Colors Luxor Images FileIO where ] gets you into the package manager.

How to use

You need to be able to execute poster.jl so run sth like: chmod +x poster.jl

Then you have the following options:

usage: poster.jl -f FOLDER [--fsize FSIZE] [--ext EXT]
                 [--ignore IGNORE] [-t CENTER_TEXT]
                 [--fsize_text FSIZE_TEXT] [-c CENTER_COLOR]
                 [--code_color_range CODE_COLOR_RANGE] [--width WIDTH]
                 [--height HEIGHT] [--dpi DPI] [--start_x START_X]
                 [--start_y START_Y] [--line_margin LINE_MARGIN] [-h]

optional arguments:
  -f, --folder FOLDER   The code folder
  --fsize FSIZE         The font size for the code. Will be determined
                        automatically if not specified (type: Float64,
                        default: -1.0)
  --ext EXT             File extensions of the code seperate by , i.e
                        jl,js,py (type: Regex, default:
  --ignore IGNORE       Ignore all paths of the following form. Form
                        as in --ext (type: Regex, default:
  -t, --center_text CENTER_TEXT
                        The text which gets displayed in the center of
                        your poster (default: "Test")
  --center_fsize CENTER_FSIZE_
                        The font size for the center text. (type:
                        Float64, default: 1400.0)
  -c, --center_color CENTER_COLOR
                        The color of center_text specify as r,g,b 
                        (type: RGB, default:
  --code_color_range CODE_COLOR_RANGE
                        Range for the random color of each code line
                        i.e 0.2-0.5                      for a color
                        between RGB(0.2,0.2,0.2) and RGB(0.5,0.5,0.5)
                        or 0.1-0.3,0.2-0.5,0-1 to specify a range for
                        r,g and b (default: "0.2-0.5")
  --width WIDTH         Width of the poster in cm (type: Float64,
                        default: 70.0)
  --height HEIGHT       Width of the poster in cm (type: Float64,
                        default: 50.0)
  --dpi DPI             DPI (type: Float64, default: 300.0)
  --start_x START_X     Start value for x like a padding left and
                        right (type: Int64, default: 10)
  --start_y START_Y     Start value for y like a padding top and
                        "bottom" (type: Int64, default: 10)
  --line_margin LINE_MARGIN
                        Margin between two lines (type: Int64,
                        default: 5)
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

You need to specify the folder which contains your code and probably want to change the center text as well.

./poster.jl -f /path/to/folder -t TEXT

Additionally you can specify the size of the poster, the padding left/right and top/bottom the spacing between two lines, several colors, font sizes etc...

The following code was used for the matrix version which you can see above:

./poster.jl -f /path/to/folder --ext "(\.jl)" --code_color_range 0.0-0.0,0.4-0.9,0.0-0.0 -c 0,0.2,0

this includes only the Julia files in your code project and uses colors between RGB(0,0.4-0.9,0) for your code (randomly in that range) and the color of your center text is: RGB(0,0.2,0).

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