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ConstraintSolver in Julia
Julia Python
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Wikunia Implementing #57: Real coefficients (#58)
* Implementing #57: Real coefficients for eq_sum constraint
* `SolverOptions()` constructor
* `LinearVariables` -> `LinearCombination`
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This package aims to be a constraint solver written in Julia and will be documented completely on my blog

In general it's the goal to be as fast as possible but also as a teaching project on how one can do such a project by himself. I'm just a MSc student in computer science so I don't have much knowledge on how constraint programming works but I'm keen to find out ;)

Blog posts


You can install this julia package using ] add or if you want to change code you might want to use ] dev

If everything goes well I will make a request to make this a julia package but that needs some more blog posts to make it a real constraint solver and not just something to play around with and solve sudokus.


If you find a bug or improvement please open an issue or make a pull request. You just enjoy reading and want to see more posts and get them earlier? Support me on Patreon

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