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Multiplicative persistence visualization
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This repository visualizes the multiplicative persistence. Inspired by this Numberphile video: YouYube Numberphile. Feel free to read more about the code on my blog OpenSourcES

The visualization shows the persistence graph for the numbers up to 100. Color indicates the number of steps and the connection shows the next step. You can hover over a node to see the number and the path it takes.


The code used for creating the graph can be found in: persistence.jl and can be called with create_bf_list() which creates the graph.json.

Some more visualizations: This shows a histogram of the persistence of all "ascending" numbers with up to 20 digits. "ascending" means that 23 is okay but 32. For multiplicative persistence they are the same anyway.

histo ascending

The following histogram was created by reducing the search space. i.e 22 is not reasonable as 4 is smaller and they are equivalent as 2*2 = 4.

histo ascending filtered

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