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local ffi = require "ffi"
require "khrplatform"
typedef void *EGLNativeDisplayType;
typedef void *EGLNativePixmapType;
typedef void *EGLNativeWindowType;
require "bcm_host"
typedef struct {
int width; /* This is necessary because dispmanx elements are not queriable. */
int height;
/* EGL 1.2 types, renamed for consistency in EGL 1.3 */
typedef EGLNativeDisplayType NativeDisplayType;
typedef EGLNativePixmapType NativePixmapType;
typedef EGLNativeWindowType NativeWindowType;
/* Define EGLint. This must be a signed integral type large enough to contain
* all legal attribute names and values passed into and out of EGL, whether
* their type is boolean, bitmask, enumerant (symbolic constant), integer,
* handle, or other. While in general a 32-bit integer will suffice, if
* handles are 64 bit types, then EGLint should be defined as a signed 64-bit
* integer type.
typedef khronos_int32_t EGLint;
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