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-- General command service API
local ffi = require "ffi"
require "vchi"
void vc_vchi_gencmd_init(VCHI_INSTANCE_T initialise_instance, VCHI_CONNECTION_T **connections, uint32_t num_connections );
/* Initialise general command service. Returns it's interface number. This initialises
the host side of the interface, it does not send anything to VideoCore. */
int vc_gencmd_init(void);
/* Stop the service from being used. */
void vc_gencmd_stop(void);
/* Return the service number (-1 if not running). */
int vc_gencmd_inum(void);
Send commands to VideoCore.
These all return 0 for success. They return VC_MSGFIFO_FIFO_FULL if there is
insufficient space for the whole message in the fifo, and none of the message is
/* send command to general command serivce */
int vc_gencmd_send( const char *format, ... );
/* get resonse from general command serivce */
int vc_gencmd_read_response(char *response, int maxlen);
/* convenience function to send command and receive the response */
int vc_gencmd(char *response, int maxlen, const char *format, ...);
/* read part of a response from the general command service */
int vc_gencmd_read_response_partial(char *response, int nbytes);
/* if reading with vc_gencmd_read_response_partial end response reads with this */
int vc_gencmd_close_response_partial(void);
/* get state of reading of response */
int vc_gencmd_read_partial_state(void);
Utilities to help interpret the responses.
/* Read the value of a property=value type pair from a string (typically VideoCore's
response to a general command). Return non-zero if found. */
int vc_gencmd_string_property(char *text, const char *property, char **value, int *length);
/* Read the numeric value of a property=number field from a response string. Return
non-zero if found. */
int vc_gencmd_number_property(char *text, const char *property, int *number);
/* Send a command until the desired response is received, the error message is detected, or the timeout */
int vc_gencmd_until( char *cmd,
const char *property,
char *value,
const char *error_string,
int timeout);