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Commits on Dec 3, 2012
  1. modified: ../OpenVGApp.lua

    	modified:   test_followmouse.lua
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
  1. modified: OpenVGApp.lua

    	new file:   experimental/graphics_x_private.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_followmouse.lua
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
  1. modified: Keyboard.lua

    	renamed:    Application.lua -> experimental/Application.lua
    	new file:   experimental/font.lua
    	modified:   experimental/freetype.lua
    	new file:   experimental/freetype_utils.lua
    	new file:   experimental/vgft.lua
    	modified:   input.lua
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
  1. new file: Mouse.lua

    	modified:   tests/test_input.c
    	new file:   tests/test_mouse.lua
  2. new file: experimental/OMX.lua

    	new file:   experimental/OMX_Other.lua
    	modified:   experimental/OMX_Video.lua
    	new file:   experimental/ilclient.lua
    	new file:   experimental/ilcore.lua
    	new file:   experimental/test_video.lua
    	modified:   tests/media/desktop.ppm
    	modified:   tests/test_moveview.lua
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
  1. modified: test_moveview.lua

  2. modified: ../DisplayManX.lua

    	modified:   ../OpenVGApp.lua
    	new file:   test_moveview.lua
    	modified:   test_tiger.lua
  3. modified: DisplayManX.lua

    	modified:   OpenVGApp.lua
    	modified:   egl_utils.lua
    	renamed:    MouseInteractor.lua -> experimental/MouseInteractor.lua
    	new file:   experimental/OMX_Core.lua
    	new file:   experimental/OMX_IVCommon.lua
    	new file:   experimental/OMX_Index.lua
    	new file:   experimental/OMX_Types.lua
    	new file:   experimental/OMX_Video.lua
    	new file:   experimental/vc_vchi_gencmd_c.lua
    	new file:   experimental/vc_vchi_gencmd_h.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_tiger.lua
Commits on Nov 9, 2012
  1. modified: OpenVGApp.lua

    	modified:   bcm_host.lua
    	renamed:    interface/common.lua -> common.lua
    	renamed:    interface/connection.lua -> connection.lua
    	renamed:    freetype.lua -> experimental/freetype.lua
    	modified:   media/desktop.ppm
    	renamed:    interface/message.lua -> message.lua
    	deleted:    test_bcm_host.lua
    	modified:   test_snapshot.lua
    	new file:   tests/snapper.lua
    	renamed:    test_dispmanx.lua -> tests/test_dispmanx.lua
    	renamed:    test_egl.lua -> tests/test_egl.lua
    	renamed:    test_egl_vg_window.lua -> tests/test_egl_vg_window.lua
    	renamed:    test_egl_window.lua -> tests/test_egl_window.lua
    	renamed:    test_egles_basic.lua -> tests/test_egles_basic.lua
    	renamed:    test_enumdispman.lua -> tests/test_enumdispman.lua
    	renamed:    test_picast.lua -> tests/test_picast.lua
    	renamed:    test_tiger.lua -> tests/test_tiger.lua
    	renamed:    test_triangle.lua -> tests/test_triangle.lua
    	renamed:    test_window_basic.lua -> tests/test_window_basic.lua
    	renamed:    tiger.lua -> tests/tiger.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_cec.lua -> vc_cec.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_cecservice.lua -> vc_cecservice.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_display_types.lua -> vc_display_types.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_dispmanx.lua -> vc_dispmanx.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_dispmanx_types.lua -> vc_dispmanx_types.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_dispservice_x_defs.lua -> vc_dispservice_x_defs.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_hdmi.lua -> vc_hdmi.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_hdmi_property.lua -> vc_hdmi_property.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_image_types.lua -> vc_image_types.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_sdtv.lua -> vc_sdtv.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_tvservice.lua -> vc_tvservice.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vc_tvservice_defs.lua -> vc_tvservice_defs.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcgencmd.lua -> vcgencmd.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vchi.lua -> vchi.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vchi_cfg.lua -> vchi_cfg.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vchi_cfg_internal.lua -> vchi_cfg_internal.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vchi_common.lua -> vchi_common.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vchi_mh.lua -> vchi_mh.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos.lua -> vcos.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_assert.lua -> vcos_assert.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_init.lua -> vcos_init.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_platform.lua -> vcos_platform.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_platform_types.lua -> vcos_platform_types.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_semaphore.lua -> vcos_semaphore.lua
    	renamed:    interface/vcos_types.lua -> vcos_types.lua
Commits on Nov 8, 2012
  1. modified: Keyboard.lua

    	modified:   egl.lua
    	modified:   egl_utils.lua
    	modified:   test_egl.lua
    	new file:   test_egl_vg_window.lua
    	renamed:    test_egl_basic.lua -> test_egl_window.lua
    	new file:   test_tiger.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_keyboard.lua
    	new file:   tiger.lua
  2. modified: EventLoop.lua

    	modified:   Keyboard.lua
    	renamed:    ev.lua -> experimental/ev.lua
    	renamed:    ev_utils.lua -> experimental/ev_utils.lua
    	renamed:    libev.lua -> experimental/libev.lua
    	renamed:    test_libev.lua -> experimental/test_libev.lua
    	modified:   include/ioctl.lua
    	modified:   input.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_event_loop.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_input.c
Commits on Nov 6, 2012
  1. modified: ../EventLoop.lua

    	modified:   ../Keyboard.lua
    	modified:   ../input.lua
    	modified:   test_event_loop.lua
Commits on Nov 5, 2012
  1. new file: EventLoop.lua

    	new file:   IOAlertEmitter.lua
    	new file:   Keyboard.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_event_emitter.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_event_loop.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_keyboard_emitter.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_snapshot.lua
Commits on Nov 4, 2012
  1. modified: include/headers.lua

    	modified:   input.lua
    	modified:   test_snapshot.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_event_emitter.lua
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
  1. modified: ev_utils.lua

    	modified:   include/constants-arm.lua
    	modified:   include/constants-ppc.lua
    	modified:   include/constants.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_bit.c
    	modified:   tests/test_input.c
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'master' of

    Bring input sample code in line.
  2. modified: include/constants.lua

    	modified:   include/types.lua
    	modified:   nl.lua
    	modified:   syscall.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_syscall.lua
  3. Changes to input

  4. new file: MouseInteractor.lua

    	deleted:    test_tv_service.lua
    	renamed:    test_syscall.lua -> tests/test_syscall.lua
  5. new file: Application.lua

    	deleted:    PixelBuffer.lua
    	modified:   desktop.ppm
    	modified:   test_libev.lua
    	renamed:    luaunit.lua -> tests/luaunit.lua
    	renamed:    test.lua -> tests/test.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_App_Watcher.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_bouncing_square.lua
Commits on Oct 21, 2012
  1. modified: DisplayManX.lua

    	new file:   PixelBuffer.lua
    	modified:   test_dispmanx.lua
    	new file:   test_snapshot.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_upvalue.lua
  2. modified: DisplayManX.lua

    	modified:   test_dispmanx.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_input.c
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
  1. modified: bcm_host.lua

    	modified:   egl_utils.lua
    	new file:   test.lua
    	modified:   test_egl_basic.lua
    	modified:   test_triangle.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_bcm_host.lua
Commits on Oct 9, 2012
  1. modified: bcm_host.lua

    	new file:   test_bcm_host.lua
    	modified:   tests/test_bcm_host.lua
Commits on Oct 8, 2012
  1. modified: bcm_host.lua

    	modified:   gpio.lua
    	modified:   interface/vcos/vcos.lua
    	modified:   interface/vmcs_host/vc_dispmanx.lua
    	modified:   interface/vmcs_host/vc_dispmanx_types.lua
    	new file:   tests/test_bcm_host.lua
Commits on Oct 6, 2012
  1. Initial Commit

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