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Draw on the frame buffer of the current default crtc
The way to go about drawing to the current screen, without changing modes is:
Create a card
From that card, get the first connection that's actually connected to something
From there, get the encoder it's using
From there, get the crt controller associated with the encoder
From there, get the framebuffer associated with the controller
From there, we have the width, height, pitch, and data ptr
So, that's enough to do some drawing
package.path = package.path..";../?.lua"
local ffi = require("ffi")
local bit = require("bit")
local bor, band, lshift, rshift = bit.bor,, bit.lshift, bit.rshift
local libc = require("libc")
local utils = require("utils")
local ppm = require("ppm")
local DRMCard = require("DRMCard")
local function RGB(r,g,b)
return band(0xFFFFFF, bor(lshift(r, 16), lshift(g, 8), b))
local function drawLines(fb)
local color = RGB(23, 250, 127)
for i = 1, 400 do
utils.h_line(fb, 10+i, 10+i, i, color)
local card, err = DRMCard();
local fb = card:getDefaultFrameBuffer();
fb.DataPtr = fb:getDataPtr();
print("fb: [bpp, depth, pitch]: ", fb.BitsPerPixel, fb.Depth, fb.Pitch)
local function drawRectangles(fb)
utils.rect(fb, 200, 200, 320, 240, RGB(230, 34, 127))
local function draw()
ppm.write_PPM_binary("draw_crtc_lines.ppm", fb.DataPtr, fb.Width, fb.Height, fb.Pitch)
-- sleep for a little bit of time
-- just so we can see what's there
-- libc.sleep(3);