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LuaJIT Bindings for Win32
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Latest commit b3ed901 William Adams Added reference to TINN as a more up to date project
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tests new file: dbghelp_ffi.lua
.gitattributes Initial checking
.gitignore Initial checking
AdvApi32_ffi.lua new file: sspi.lua
BCrypt.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
BCryptUtils.lua new file: sspi.lua
FileSystem.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
GDI32.lua Initial checking
Kernel32.lua new file: dbghelp_ffi.lua
LICENSE.txt new file: LICENSE.txt
NCryptUtils.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
NativeSocket.lua Improvements to sockets
NetStream.lua Initial checking Added reference to TINN as a more up to date project
SocketUtils.lua Changes to support static const int
StopWatch.lua Initial checking
TimedLoop.lua Changes to support static const int
User32.lua modified: User32.lua
User32Window.lua Initial checking
WTypes.lua new file: dbghelp_ffi.lua
WinBase.lua new file: sspi.lua
WinCrypt.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
WinError.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
WinNT.lua new file: dbghelp_ffi.lua
WinSock_Utils.lua Improvements to sockets
WindowStation.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
dbghelp_ffi.lua new file: dbghelp_ffi.lua
gdi32_ffi.lua Initial checking
kernel32_ffi.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
ncrypt.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
sslprovider.lua new file: ncrypt.lua
sspi.lua new file: sspi.lua
stringutils.lua new file: sspi.lua
user32_ffi.lua modified: User32.lua
win_socket.lua Improvements to sockets


A collection of LuaJIT FFI interfaces and utilities for programming in the Windows environment.

If you are interested in LuaJIT bindings for Win32, I strongly encourage you to take a look at TINN:

There are a lot more bindings, to a much broader set of Windows routines, and they're kept more up to date.

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