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My Cogs for Red-DiscordBot V3
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WildStriker add variant board types
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- update start help text to list options for game_type
- display game type
- formating fixes
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cogs made for Red Discord-Bot V3


This repo was created for Red Bot V3, if you are using a previous version please upgrade before proceeding.

add this repo:
[p]repo add wildcogs master

where [p] is your command prefix.

next install a cog:
[p]cog install wildcogs chessgame


For issues, suggestions, enhancements submit an issue here. You can also find me in the Red discord channel if you might have any questions.


chess cog:
python-chess - this cog is just a wrapper around python-chess which handles all the game logic and generates the game board.

CarioSvg - thanks to this I was able to convert python-chess SVG output into a PNG format that can be displayed in discord.

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