A plugin for MyBB forums that displays custom boxes on various forum pages.
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Advanced-Sidebox 3.1.11

Advanced Sidebox Logo

A plugin for MyBB forums that displays custom boxes on various forum pages.

This plugin seeks to give the admin more options when adding side boxes to the forum and allow control in a more intuitive way. This plugin edits the template cache and does not modify your forum's templates-- therefore it does not work with every theme but is designed to work with most.


  • Now add and edit script definitions to further customize ASB! Also now compatible with Page Manager scripts.
  • New add-on module added to the core: Recent Posts (AJAX Ready)
  • AJAX Refresh now integrated into the core and five of the core modules (latest threads, PMs, random quotes, staff on-line and who's on-line avatar lists)!
  • New Improved Drag and Drop Interface!
  • Admin can control many settings for where and how side boxes display
  • Eight scripts available! (Index, Forum, Thread, Member Profiles, Member List, Forum Team, Statistics and Portal)
  • Choose one of many default presets with updated content or create semi-static custom boxes with HTML and template variables
  • Import/Export custom boxes to share and backup your work
  • Control which scripts side boxes display on
  • Individual side box settings
  • Extensive user group permissions for side boxes
  • Now supports CodePress
  • Newly redesigned On-line Staff module
  • Context-sensitive help for ACP pages