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Netduino Updater

This repo contains the source code to both the Windows and Mac Netduino firmware deployment utilities.

Required OS's

  • Mac OS Sierra+
  • Windows 8+


Both the Windows and Mac firmware deployment utilties use the low-level DFU protocol, rather than MFUsb/MFDeploy protocols, to update firmware. This has the advantage of being able to deploy to devices that do not have .NETMF Tinybooter on them. This means that a device that has never been programmed, or has been bricked from a faulty firmware deployment can still be updated.


The Mac code is newer than the Windows code and has been built with our cross-platform DFU-Sharp library code. As such, the Mac app should be considered canonical, whereas the Windows app will be replaced in the future with cross-platform code.

Netduino MacDeploy Tool (Mac)

A simple application to automatically deploy latest official firmware, or manually deploy test firmware:

Current Pre-Release

Known Issues

  • UX is not finished.
  • Does not detect device connect/disconnect.
  • Unprogrammed N3WiFi in DFU mode doesn't allow window to be viewable/launch.
  • Cannot configure network yet.

Uploading Firmware to Device

On Mac using the MacDeploy Tool

Automatic Installation of Latest Official Firmware

  1. Open the latest MacDeploy tool.
  2. Click the Install Firmware button, firmware should install:

Manual Installation of Firmware from .hex or .s19 files

  1. Open the latest MacDeploy tool.
  2. Click the Choose button, and select either the .hex or .s19 Tinybooter, ER_CONFIG, and ER_FLASH files:
  3. Click Deploy and it should deploy the firmware:


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