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  1. Forked from MVIG-SJTU/AlphaPose

    Real-Time and Accurate Multi-Person Pose Estimation&Tracking System

    Python 24 2

  2. Support for calculating intrinsic and extrinsic camera calibration parameters using COLMAP and other tools

    Python 10

  3. decawave_ble Public archive

    Utilities for working with the Decawave DWM1001 board via BLE

    Python 6 3

  4. Forked from Tianxiaomo/pytorch-YOLOv4

    PyTorch ,ONNX and TensorRT implementation of YOLOv4

    Python 5 1

  5. Tools for constructing 3D pose tracks from multi-camera 2D poses

    Python 3

  6. cvutilities Public archive

    Miscellaneous helper functions for fetching and processing OpenPose data and camera calibration data

    Python 2 1


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