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Alert-call System

Min WMS Version: 3.82.32520.29


Alert System for Wildix PBXs allows to start an Alert call to reach persons and see if they are available. Each contact called must authenticate using a pin and then accept or decline the call.

A Web Application allows to monitor how the alarm call is proceeding.

How it works

  • call each contact in a phonebook
  • for each contact try up to three phone numbers
  • for each phone number try up to three times
  • for each try ask a pin after the contact has answered (as entered in the field "Document Number")
  • if the pin is successful ask to press confirm or refuse code (as set in the Alert Code parameters string, see below)

Upload sounds

Upload the following sound files to WMS using exactly the following names:

  • pin_test_or_real_start – start a test or real alert call
  • call_out_test – confirm that alert call system in test mode was started
  • call_out_real – confirm that alert call system was started
  • enter_personal_pin – enter the personal pin
  • wrong_pin – personal pin is wrong
  • confirm_or_refuse – press confirm code to accept the alert call, refuse code to refuse the alert call
  • procedure_complete – accepted entered pin or confirm code

Create the sound directories. In this exampe "snd", "call_out_test", "call_out_real":

  • snd - for initial alert sounds (pin_test_or_real_start, wrong_pin, call_out_test, call_out_real, procedure_complete)
  • call_out_test - for male test alert sounds (call_out_test, enter_personal_pin, wrong_pin, confirm_or_refuse, procedure_complete)
  • call_out_real - for female real alert sounds (call_out_test, enter_personal_pin, wrong_pin, confirm_or_refuse, procedure_complete) The name for male and female sound directory have to be same with EVENT_NAME (see below)

Sound directories:

Alt text

Initial sounds:

Alt text

Call out test sounds:

Alt text

Call out real sounds:

Alt text

Create a new dialplan rule “events”

in Dialpan -> Dialplan rules menu and add two extensions which are used as pin to start a test or real alert call:


123 Application: Set EVENT_NAME call_out_test Application: Play sound call_out_test

456 Application: Set EVENT_NAME call_out_real Application: Play sound call_out_real

Alt text

Enter in users dialplan the new Alert Code Feature

In this example we will use 222 as Alert Code number:

222 Application: Set CallOut, Parameters:phonebook,8,events,users,30,1,3,snd

parameters usage:

  • callOutPb – the phone book where the contacts are stored
  • 8 – the number of contemporary alert calls which should be generated
  • the dial plan where the pin inserted should be looked up
  • the dial plan where the outgoing calls should be generated
  • 30 - retry count in case of channel unavailable
  • 1 - confirm code
  • 3 - refuse code
  • snd - directory where to get initial alert sound files from

Alt text

Before starting our first alert call we need to create the phonebook indicated above: callOutPb

Three numbers will be called for each contact: Work, Mobile, Home

The pin must be stored in the field "Document Number"

Alt text

Alt text


Uncompress this project zip file and upload the file AlertCalls.php from https://github.com/Wildix/Alert-call/tree/master/pbx/scripts to the PBX directory /var/www/scripts.


Open index.html with a browser or alternatively load the content on a web server. Configure the needed parameters and enter a valid user phone number (login) and password in the settings.

Dial 222 and enter 123 or 456, monitor the Alert progress via the Web Interface

Alt text