Vim-airline extension to show weather in the status line.
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screenshot This is a vim-airline extension to show current weather on the right end of the status line, just like the weather segment in Powerline.

This extension depends on vim-airline and webapi-vim, you should install them first.


  • ###Use Vundle

    Make sure you have these lines in your .vimrc

      Plugin 'bling/vim-airline'
      Plugin 'mattn/webapi-vim'
      Plugin 'Wildog/airline-weather.vim'


  • ###Manually Make sure you have installed vim-airline and webapi-vim, then put files to corresponding directories.


  • Set location

      let g:weather#area = 'newyorkcity,us'
  • Set unit ('metric' for ºC, 'imperial' for ºF.):

      let g:weather#unit = 'metric'
  • Set API Key, default key is provided but it'd be better if you use your own OpenWeatherMap API key, you can apply for it here for free:

      let g:weather#appid = '2de143494c0b295cca9337e1e96b00e0'
  • This extension use a cache file to store weather informations, and update the weather information every hour as default, you may change it with caution, update too frequently will slow down vim.

      let g:weather#cache_file = '~/.cache/.weather'
      let g:weather#cache_ttl = '3600'
  • Configure the format, %s for weather icon, %f for temperature.

      let g:weather#format = '%s %.0f'
  • Configure weather icons, suffix 'd' for the day and 'n' for the night, you can find informations about weather icon code here

      let g:weather#status_map = {
      \ "01d": "☀",
      \ "02d": "☁",
      \ "03d": "☁",
      \ "04d": "☁",
      \ "09d": "☂",
      \ "10d": "☂",
      \ "11d": "☈",
      \ "13d": "❅",
      \ "50d": "≡",
      \ "01n": "☽",
      \ "02n": "☁",
      \ "03n": "☁",
      \ "04n": "☁",
      \ "09n": "☂",
      \ "10n": "☂",
      \ "11n": "☈",
      \ "13n": "❅",
      \ "50n": "≡",
  • Plus, you can force refresh the weather by

      :call RefreshWeather()