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Dot files

A collection of configuration files (shells, VCS and so on) that I use on all my *nix machines.


You'll want to install zsh and oh-my-zsh first.

Grab the repo, then run

$ git clone git://
$ cd dotfiles
$ ./
Linking /home/wilfred/dotfiles/.gitconfig to /home/wilfred/.gitconfig
Linking /home/wilfred/dotfiles/.zshrc to /home/wilfred/.zshrc

If you have old configuration you want to wipe, pass --force to make_links:

$ ./ --force

make_links will copy any file whose name is .FOO or .FOO/BAR, except git metadata.

Other executables

I use ag ('the silver searcher'), ack (a slower ag), git-fuzzy (on my GitHub) and icdiff.

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