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Thank you for contributing to Remacs!

Getting Started

  • Consider filing an issue or leaving a note on an existing issue, to avoid overlapping with someone else.
  • Work in progress PRs are welcome, if you want review or if you get stuck. Just put [WIP] in the PR title, and remove [WIP] when you're happy.

Writing a great Pull Request (PR)

  • Check for Rust compiler warnings, as Travis won't go green if there are warnings.
  • Format your code with rustfmt.
  • Add docstrings to your Rust functions /// This function does ...
  • Really great PRs include tests. Don't worry if it's not possible to write tests for your code yet (this is common).

Getting your PRs merged

  • Your PR needs to be reviewed by a collaborator. The following users can do this for you: @Wilfred @c-nixon @CrLF0710 @jeandudey
  • The build needs to be passing.