Replace Emacs' MD5 implementation with a Rust crate #117

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Wilfred commented Jan 27, 2017

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@Wilfred Wilfred added the help wanted label Jan 27, 2017

I'd like to claim this one since I've been working with the hashing code in Emacs.


Any reason you're not using rust-crypto? Looks like that can do the SHA stuff as well MD5.


Rust-crypto doesn't look active -- it's been 8 months since any commits were made.

Wilfred commented Jan 31, 2017

@moosingin3space it's yours :)

briansmith commented Feb 2, 2017 edited

I suggest doing something different:

  1. Replace the C MD5 implementation with an Emacs Lisp implementation, like MD4 is implemented (see In fact, it's already been implemented in

  2. Incrementally replace uses of MD5 with SHA-{256, 384, 512} where possible.

MD5 is a broken algorithm and uses of it should be replaced with uses other algorithms, but in the meantime I think replacing the C MD5 implementation with the Emacs Lisp implementation would solve the dependency issue in an acceptable way.


I like @briansmith's idea. We could also do this to resolve the SHA-224 issue (as mentioned here).

Wilfred commented Feb 4, 2017

MD5 is a great example of where we can show off Rust's advantages. It's a well-defined algorithm that gives us a nice speedup by implementing as a primitive.

We've generally avoided refactorings that make Remacs slower, see #105. Note that moving to a pure elisp implementation would require refactoring secure-hash (which currently needs a function it can call at the C/Rust level).

The elisp MD5 implementation linked is super-cool, but the code is actually using via FFI and only falls back to the pure elisp implementation if it has to. The elisp implementation is much slower, partly because it has to represent 32-bit ints as a cons pair.

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