Use a rust library for SHA* functions #80

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Wilfred commented Jan 17, 2017 edited

For example, rust-crypto.

Emacs has its own SHA256 implementation, which we don't need.


What about using ring? It's becoming the preferred Rust crypto library from what I can see.

@Wilfred Wilfred changed the title from Use rust-crypto for SHA* functions to Use a rust library for SHA* functions Jan 18, 2017
Wilfred commented Jan 18, 2017

Thanks, I've updated the issue to be less explicit about which library we use.


I'd like to claim this, since I'm learning ring.

Wilfred commented Jan 21, 2017

@moosingin3space it's yours! :)

Have a look at Fbase64_encode_string for an example of creating strings in Rust. The elisp functions exposing this functionality are md5 and secure-hash, which live in src/fns.c.

Alternatively, you don't need to redefined the elisp functions. You could look at the secure_hash C function in src/fns.c, which chooses a hash_func value like sha256_buffer (defined in lib/sha256.c). You'd then need to expose a function in with the same calling convention:

void *
sha256_buffer (const char *buffer, size_t len, void *resblock);
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