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Vectors and buffers #202

wants to merge 10 commits into
base: master

Start on buffers. Port buffer-hash, remove sha1_ctx API.

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birkenfeld committed Jun 5, 2017
commit c7f81453a47ae8ebfd9d7e45bb8909b73e87d886
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@@ -682,10 +682,13 @@ extern "C" {
pub static Qsequencep: Lisp_Object;
pub fn Fcons(car: Lisp_Object, cdr: Lisp_Object) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn Fcurrent_buffer() -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn Fget_buffer(buffer_or_name: Lisp_Object) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn make_float(float_value: libc::c_double) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn make_string(s: *const libc::c_char, length: libc::ptrdiff_t) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn make_unibyte_string(s: *const libc::c_char, length: libc::ptrdiff_t) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn make_uninit_string(length: EmacsInt) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn make_uninit_multibyte_string(nchars: EmacsInt, nbytes: EmacsInt) -> Lisp_Object;
pub fn string_to_multibyte(string: Lisp_Object) -> Lisp_Object;
@@ -706,6 +709,7 @@ extern "C" {
// number of arguments.
// TODO: define a Rust version of this that uses Rust strings.
pub fn error(m: *const u8, ...) -> !;
pub fn nsberror(spec: Lisp_Object) -> !;
pub fn emacs_abort() -> !;
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@@ -0,0 +1,200 @@
//! Functions operating on buffers.
use libc::{c_void, c_int, c_uchar, ptrdiff_t, off_t, time_t, timespec};
use lisp::{LispObject, ExternalPtr};
use vectors::Lisp_Vectorlike_Header;
use remacs_sys::EmacsInt;
pub const BEG_BYTE: ptrdiff_t = 1;
/// Represents an Emacs buffer. For documentation see struct buffer in
/// buffer.h.
pub struct Lisp_Buffer {
header: Lisp_Vectorlike_Header,
name: LispObject,
filename: LispObject,
directory: LispObject,
backed_up: LispObject,
save_length: LispObject,
auto_save_file_name: LispObject,
read_only: LispObject,
mark: LispObject,
local_var_alist: LispObject,
major_mode: LispObject,
mode_name: LispObject,
mode_line_format: LispObject,
header_line_format: LispObject,
keymap: LispObject,
abbrev_table: LispObject,
syntax_table: LispObject,
category_table: LispObject,
case_fold_search: LispObject,
tab_width: LispObject,
fill_column: LispObject,
left_margin: LispObject,
auto_fill_function: LispObject,
downcase_table: LispObject,
upcase_table: LispObject,
case_canon_table: LispObject,
case_eqv_table: LispObject,
truncate_lines: LispObject,
word_wrap: LispObject,
ctl_arrow: LispObject,
bidi_display_reordering: LispObject,
bidi_paragraph_direction: LispObject,
selective_display: LispObject,
selective_display_ellipses: LispObject,
minor_modes: LispObject,
overwrite_mode: LispObject,
abbrev_mode: LispObject,
display_table: LispObject,
mark_active: LispObject,
enable_multibyte_characters: LispObject,
buffer_file_coding_system: LispObject,
file_format: LispObject,
auto_save_file_format: LispObject,
cache_long_scans: LispObject,
width_table: LispObject,
pt_marker: LispObject,
begv_marker: LispObject,
zv_marker: LispObject,
point_before_scroll: LispObject,
file_truename: LispObject,
invisibility_spec: LispObject,
last_selected_window: LispObject,
display_count: LispObject,
left_margin_cols: LispObject,
right_margin_cols: LispObject,
left_fringe_width: LispObject,
right_fringe_width: LispObject,
fringes_outside_margins: LispObject,
scroll_bar_width: LispObject,
scroll_bar_height: LispObject,
vertical_scroll_bar_type: LispObject,
horizontal_scroll_bar_type: LispObject,
indicate_empty_lines: LispObject,
indicate_buffer_boundaries: LispObject,
fringe_indicator_alist: LispObject,
fringe_cursor_alist: LispObject,
display_time: LispObject,
scroll_up_aggressively: LispObject,
scroll_down_aggressively: LispObject,
cursor_type: LispObject,
extra_line_spacing: LispObject,
cursor_in_non_selected_windows: LispObject,
own_text: Lisp_Buffer_Text,
text: *mut Lisp_Buffer_Text,
next: *mut Lisp_Buffer,
pt: ptrdiff_t,
pt_byte: ptrdiff_t,
begv: ptrdiff_t,
begv_byte: ptrdiff_t,
zv: ptrdiff_t,
zv_byte: ptrdiff_t,
base_buffer: *mut Lisp_Buffer,
indirections: c_int,
window_count: c_int,
local_flags: [c_uchar; 50],
modtime: timespec,
modtime_size: off_t,
auto_save_modified: EmacsInt,
display_error_modiff: EmacsInt,
auto_save_failure_time: time_t,
last_window_start: ptrdiff_t,
newline_cache: *mut c_void,
width_run_cache: *mut c_void,
bidi_paragraph_cache: *mut c_void,
// XXX in C, bitfield with two bools
flags: u8,
overlays_before: *mut c_void,
overlays_after: *mut c_void,
overlay_center: ptrdiff_t,
undo_list: LispObject,
/// Represents text contents of an Emacs buffer. For documentation see
/// struct buffer_text in buffer.h.
pub struct Lisp_Buffer_Text {
beg: *mut c_uchar,
gpt: ptrdiff_t,
z: ptrdiff_t,
gpt_byte: ptrdiff_t,
z_byte: ptrdiff_t,
gap_size: ptrdiff_t,
modiff: EmacsInt,
chars_modiff: EmacsInt,
save_modiff: EmacsInt,
overlay_modiff: EmacsInt,
compact: EmacsInt,
beg_unchanged: ptrdiff_t,
end_unchanged: ptrdiff_t,
unchanged_modified: EmacsInt,
overlay_unchanged_modified: EmacsInt,
// until we define struct interval
intervals: *mut c_void,
// until we define struct Lisp_Marker
markers: *mut c_void,
// XXX: in Emacs, a bitfield of 2 booleans
flags: u8,
pub type LispBufferRef = ExternalPtr<Lisp_Buffer>;
impl LispBufferRef {
pub fn beg_addr(&self) -> *mut c_uchar {
unsafe { (*self.text).beg }
pub fn beg_byte(&self) -> ptrdiff_t {
pub fn gpt_byte(&self) -> ptrdiff_t {
unsafe { (*self.text).gpt_byte }
pub fn gap_end_addr(&self) -> *mut c_uchar {
unsafe {
.offset((*self.text).gpt_byte + (*self.text).gap_size - BEG_BYTE)
pub fn z_addr(&self) -> *mut c_uchar {
unsafe {
.offset((*self.text).gap_size + (*self.text).z_byte - BEG_BYTE)
pub fn z_byte(&self) -> ptrdiff_t {
unsafe { (*self.text).z_byte }
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@@ -1,12 +1,14 @@
extern crate libc;
pub mod sha1_ctx;
use sha1;
use sha2::{Sha224, Digest, Sha256, Sha384, Sha512};
use std::{ptr, slice};
use libc::{c_char, c_void, size_t};
use lisp::LispObject;
use remacs_sys::{nsberror, Fcurrent_buffer, Fget_buffer, EmacsInt, make_uninit_string};
use remacs_macros::lisp_fn;
pub unsafe extern "C" fn sha1_buffer(buffer: *const c_char,
len: size_t,
@@ -67,3 +69,41 @@ pub unsafe extern "C" fn sha512_buffer(buffer: *const c_char,
sha2_hash_buffer(Sha512::new(), buffer, len, resblock);
/// Return a hash of the contents of BUFFER-OR-NAME.
/// This hash is performed on the raw internal format of the buffer,
/// disregarding any coding systems.
/// If nil, use the current buffer.
/// (fn &optional BUFFER_OR_NAME)
#[lisp_fn(min = "0")]
fn buffer_hash(buffer_or_name: LispObject) -> LispObject {
let buffer = LispObject::from_raw(if buffer_or_name.is_nil() {
unsafe { Fcurrent_buffer() }
} else {
unsafe { Fget_buffer(buffer_or_name.to_raw()) }
if buffer.is_nil() {
unsafe { nsberror(buffer_or_name.to_raw()) };
let b = buffer.as_vectorlike().unwrap().as_buffer().unwrap();
let mut ctx = sha1::Sha1::new();
ctx.update(unsafe {
slice::from_raw_parts(b.beg_addr(), (b.gpt_byte() - b.beg_byte()) as usize)
if b.gpt_byte() < b.z_byte() {
ctx.update(unsafe {
(b.z_addr() as usize - b.gap_end_addr() as usize))
let formatted = ctx.digest().to_string();
let digest = LispObject::from_raw(unsafe { make_uninit_string(formatted.len() as EmacsInt) });
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This file was deleted.

Oops, something went wrong.
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@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ mod base64;
mod crypto;
mod str2sig;
mod multibyte;
mod buffers;
use remacs_sys::Lisp_Subr;
@@ -83,14 +84,11 @@ pub use vectors::Fsort;
pub use lists::merge;
// Cryptographic functions used in the C codebase.
pub use crypto::sha256_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha1_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha224_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha256_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha384_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha512_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha224_buffer;
pub use crypto::sha1_ctx::sha1_ctx_new;
pub use crypto::sha1_ctx::sha1_process_bytes;
pub use crypto::sha1_ctx::sha1_finish_ctx;
// Used in process.c
pub use str2sig::str2sig;
@@ -177,6 +175,7 @@ pub extern "C" fn rust_init_syms() {
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@@ -86,6 +86,16 @@ impl LispStringRef {
pub fn sdata_ptr(&mut self) -> *mut c_char { as *mut c_char
pub fn as_slice(&self) -> &[u8] {
unsafe { slice::from_raw_parts( as *const u8, self.len_bytes() as usize) }
pub fn as_mut_slice(&self) -> &mut [u8] {
unsafe { slice::from_raw_parts_mut( as *mut u8, self.len_bytes() as usize) }
fn string_overflow() -> ! {
Oops, something went wrong.
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