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Programming Language for API design
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Rhovas is an experimental programming language for API design. Some of the features Rhovas introduces are:

  • Mutability
    • Types are mutable, immutable, or viewable (const)
    • Instances are either mutable or immutable
    • Function are mutable, immutable (pure), or unspecified (side effects)
  • Exceptions
    • Exceptions are declared when thrown and checked at compilation
    • Functions that throw exceptions end with !
    • Exceptions can be suppressed or silenced to become unchecked
  • Function Conditions
    • Functions may define preconditions and postconditions
    • Conditions are retained through inheritance
    • Conditions can optionally be verified at runtime
  • Static Classes and Interfaces
    • Allow non-instantiable classes consisting of static members
    • Allow interfaces to be implemented statically (singletons)
  • Operator Overloading
    • Under consideration, but would support overloading certain operators
    • Operators can be commutative, which would be enforced through inheritance.
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