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Lightweight javascript routing library for single page applications
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Foxy Router

Lightweight javascript routing library for single page applications


* Express style route matching
* Bookmarking of links
* Uses the history api instead of hashes


ES6. Use babel if you would like support prior to ES6.

Quick Start

Registering a new route:

// This route will match a url like: /stocks/AAPL
FoxyRouter.add(`/stocks/:stock_symbol`, (parameters) => {
	let text = `You're viewing data for stock symbol: ${parameters.stock_symbol}`;
	document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = text;

Basic Route Paths

Paths can be any string along with regular expression patterns.

Route to the website index:

FoxyRouter.add(`/`, () => {
	document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = `This is the index`;

Route to the about page:

FoxyRouter.add(`/currency`, () => {
	document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = `This is the currency page`;

Route Parameters

Routes can also have dynamic parameters prefixed with a semicolon(:).

FoxyRouter.add(`/race_list/:race_id`, (parameters) => {
	// :race_id is the triathlon specified
	// e.g. /race_list/Dunedin

	let text = `You are viewing the ${parameters.race_id} triathlon`;
	document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = text;
FoxyRouter.add(`race_list/:race_id/:athlete`, (parameters) => {
	// e.g. /race_list/Dunendin/Will_Brock

	let text = `You are viewing the ${parameters.race_id} triathlon for ${parameters.athlete}`;
	document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = text;

Query Parameters

All query parameters are merged into the route parameters argument of the callback.

	// e.g /stocks/AAPL?timeframe=weekly&chart_type=candlestick
	FoxyRouter.add('/stocks/:stock_symbol', (parameters) => {
		let text = `Viewing ${parameters.stock_symbol}, timeframe: ${parameters.timeframe}, chart type: ${parameters.chart_type}.`;
		document.getElementById(`page-container`).innerHTML = text;

Route chaining

Adding new routes can be chained.

	.add(`/`, (parameters) => {

	.add(`/stocks`, (parameters) => {

	.add(`/bonds`, (parameters) => {



Multiple callbacks can be added for each route

	.add('/stocks', (parameters) => {
		console.log(`Callback 1 for /stocks`);
	}, () => {
		console.log(`Callback 2 for /stocks`);
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