Command line interface for jira issues
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Jira command line tool

This is an experimental jira command line tool that allows viewing, editing, updating, transitioning and deleting jira content as if it was done on the Jira website.


  • View issue data
  • View issues from JQL query
  • Update/Add/Delete issue data
  • Transition issues


npm install -g jira-tool

Available Commands

  • s
  • jql
  • add
  • set
  • remove
  • transition
  • init


  • Add autocompletion for available fields and transitions
  • Add create issue

Quick Start

Display data from an issue

jira s 12345


jira s KEY-12345

Display issues from a JQL query

jira jql "fixVersion = 1.6.0 AND component IN (Foo, Bar, Baz)"

Add a component

jira add 12345 component Foo

Remove a Fix Version

jira remove 12345 "Fix Version" "1.8.0"

Update a custom field

jira set 12345 "Branch Name" "FooBar"


jira init

This prompts the user for the configuration of the jira account

  • url Url for jira
  • username Jira username
  • password Jira password
  • issue-key-prefix Prefix for an issue key. e.g if issue key is FOO-12345 then FOO can be entered so 12345 can be used on the command line


jira s 12345

Display data from a single jira issue


jira jql "fixVersion IN (1.3.0, 1.4.0) AND component = Foo"

Query Jira for a specified list of issues


jira add 12345 fixVersion "1.6.2"

Add data to a specific field


jira set 12345 "Branch Name" "foo-bar"

Set data for a specific field


jira remove 12345 component FooBar

Remove data from a specific field