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WebdriverIO service to pause and step through tests
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WebdriverIO Debugger Service

Allows WebdriverIO tests to be paused, resumed and the ability to step through each command with a chrome browser extension.

When stepping through commands, the next command that is to be executed will have an orange border around the element.


This requires the WebdriverIO Debugger Chrome extension which is explained more below.

Setup the service


npm i -D wdio-debugger-service


Add the following to your services array in your config file

services : [`debugger`]

Setup the Chrome extension

Clone the wdio-debugger-extension

git clone

Add the load-extension option to the chrome capabilities and specify the path to the wdio-debugger-extension

NOTE: The path must be absolute

capabilities : [{
	maxInstances         : 1,
	browserName          : `chrome`,
	'goog:chromeOptions' : {
		args : [
			// This must be the absolute path where the clone directory is

The extension will automatically load in the browser when running your tests. You'll notice the WebdriverIO icon in the top right of the browser toolbar.

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