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statcheck: A spellchecker for statistics in Microsoft Word

The statcheck Word add-in is a "spellchecker" for statistics. It allows you to check your manuscript for statistical reporting inconsistencies as you write!

statcheck searches the text in your Word document for null hypothesis significance tests, for example, t(28) = 2.2, p = .063. After going through your document, statcheck will produce an overview of tests it found in the text.

Next, it recalculates the p-value based on the test statistic and degrees of freedom. In the example above, the p-value belonging to a t-value of 2.2 with 28 degrees of freedom is .036, not .063!

If statcheck detects such an inconsistency, it will flag the result with a little orange warning sign. To solve the inconsistency, go back to your statistical software to check which of the numbers in the result needs to be corrected.

statcheck screenshot


You need the following to use add-in:

  • An internet connection (the add-in is a web app that runs inside of Word)
  • A compatible version of Microsoft Word:
    • Word 2016 or later on Windows
    • Word 2016 or later on Mac
    • Word on the web

For more information on the requirements, see here.

Getting started

The statcheck Word add-in will be made available in the Office Add-in Store after testing is complete. You can find the Office Add-in Store in the Insert tab of your Word document. Once the statcheck add-in is available, you can download the add-in from this store and immediately use it.

If you want to use the development version of the add-in, for example to help us test the add-in, please see the Testing section in the Wiki here on Github.

Questions and comments

We'd love to get your feedback about the statcheck Word add-in! Please send us your questions and suggestions by creating an Issue here on Github; it's really easy to do!

You can also contact us on Twitter via @willemsleegers and @michelenuijten.


The statcheck Word add-in is distributed under the MIT license. See the file copyright.txt in this repository for more information.



A Microsoft Word add-in for statchecking your manuscript.







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