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Auto-Reload: Reloader example

Purpose: use Reloader to watch for ConfigMap changes and restart Nginx pods automatically.

To simply the demo steps, use Skaffold to bootstrap the whole stuff.

├── nginx-config.yml
├── nginx-service.yml
└── skaffold.yaml

0 directories, 3 files


  1. Install Reloader:

    % kubectl apply -f
  2. Create a reloader-example namespace for this test:

    % kubectl create ns reloader-example
  3. Use Skaffold to load configmap content (nginx-config) and bring up nginx app (service/nginx) in the reloader-example namespace:

    % skaffold dev  -n reloader-example
  4. Edit the ConfigMap content, eithor by:

    % kubectl edit configmap nginx-config  -n reloader-example

    or by:

    % vi nginx-config.yml


You can see the demo at:


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