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4: Host OS (Linux) + Container (Linux)

Host OS App run as
native app
App run as
Linux Container
App run as
Windows Container

App run in
K8s (Linux Container)
Linux 1 ★ 4 ★ N/A 8
Mac 2 5 N/A
Windows 3 6 7

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└── site
    ├── css
    │   └── main.css
    ├── index.html
    └── js
        └── main.js

3 directories, 4 files

A Vagrantfile is also provided in case that you're familiar with Vagrant.

Test from the host (outside)

Change something under the current directory from the host (maybe Vagrant).

Test from the container (inside)

Dig into the container, and change something under the /mnt directory:

% docker exec -it test4 sh
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