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5: Host OS (Mac) + Container (Linux)

Host OS App run as
native app
App run as
Linux Container
App run as
Windows Container

App run in
K8s (Linux Container)
Linux 1 4 N/A 8
Mac 2 ★ 5 ★ N/A
Windows 3 6 7

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└── site
    ├── css
    │   └── main.css
    ├── index.html
    └── js
        └── main.js

3 directories, 4 files

Test from the host (outside)

Change something under the current directory from the host.

Docker Desktop for Mac doesn't have much trouble here (AMAZING!) thanks to excellent implementation of osxfs. See "File system sharing (osxfs)" and "Performance tuning for volume mounts (shared filesystems)" articles for more information.

File system events

Most inotify events are supported in bind mounts, and likely dnotify and fanotify (though they have not been tested) are also supported. This means that file system events from macOS are sent into containers and trigger any listening processes there.

Test from the container (inside)

Dig into the container, and change something under the /mnt directory:

% docker exec -it test5 sh
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