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7: Host OS (Windows) + Container (Windows)

Host OS App run as
native app
App run as
Linux Container
App run as
Windows Container

App run in
K8s (Linux Container)
Linux 1 4 N/A 8
Mac 2 5 N/A
Windows 3 6 ★ 7 ★ (WCOW)

Type run.bat to track the changes of this directory.

├── run.bat
└── site
    ├── css
    │   └── main.css
    ├── index.html
    └── js
        └── main.js

3 directories, 4 files

Test from the host (outside)

Change something under the current directory from the host.

Test from the container (inside)

Dig into the container, and change something under the C:\mnt directory:

% docker exec -it test7 cmd
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