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Wasmer-Flask in Docker Container for OpenWisk

To run WASM on OpenWisk we need a container with the end points \init and \run. OpenWisk provides a container openwisk/dockerskeleton. We modified this dockerfile, since in Alpine dynamically linked binnaries won't work. One solution is to add RUN apk add --no-cache libc6-compat but this didn't help. So we went for non-Alpine container (this however increases the size from 200mb to 1gb).


Ensure openwisk is installed.
If wisk environment has stopped, use the script provided to resatrt it:

sudo ./

Make the container

This is how we made the container. Note that if you make your own container you will have to upload it to Docker hub to run it on Openwisk. You can skip this step and use our container. Build:

sudo docker build -t leonardas103/actionproxy .

Test that it works:

sudo docker run -it -p 8080:8080 leonardas103/actionproxy
curl -X post localhost:8080/run

Push to you docker hub

sudo docker login
sudo docker push myusername/actionproxy

Run on openwisk

If needed use the provided script to restart openwisk.
To run use ./ yourwasmfile.wasm This script does the followin:

zip exec myfile.wasm
wsk -i action create test1 --docker leonardas103/actionproxy
wsk -i action invoke test1 --blocking --result
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