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Getting started with Lucet

Soruce of the tutorial:

Setting up the environment

  1. The Lucet repository uses git submodules. Make sure they are checked out by running git submodule init && git submodule update.
  2. Install and run the docker service. We do not support podman at this time. On MacOS, Docker for Mac is an option.
  3. Once Docker is running, in a terminal, and at the root of the cloned repository, run: source (This command requires the current shell to be zsh, ksh or bash). After a couple minutes, the Docker image is built and a new container is run.
  4. Check that new commands are now available: lucetc --help

First Lucet application

The shell script ensures the Lucet executables are available in your shell:

source ./

Under the hood, these commands are executed in the Docker container. The container has limited visibility into the host's filesystem - it can only see files under the lucet repository.

Create a new work directory in the lucet directory:

mkdir -p src/hello
cd src/hello

Save the following C source code as hello.c:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    puts("Hello world");
    return 0;

Time to compile to WebAssembly! The development environment includes a version of the Clang toolchain that is built to generate WebAssembly by default. The related commands are accessible from your current shell, and are prefixed by wasm32-wasi-.

For example, to create a WebAssembly module hello.wasm from hello.c:

wasm32-wasi-clang -Ofast -o hello.wasm hello.c

The next step is to use Lucet to build native x86_64 code from that WebAssembly file:

lucetc-wasi -o hello.wasm

lucetc is the WebAssembly to native code compiler. The lucetc-wasi command runs the same compiler, but automatically configures it to target WASI. is created and ready to be run:


Getting started with Go


First example

Getting started with WebAssembly and Go


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