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A simple GUI using Java's FXML, Scene Builder 2.0, and basic file read/write.

This program serves as a simple demonstration (and practice) of basic Java skills.

On program startup, an inventory of book Ids and info is read from a text file and used to populate the available items for purchase.

User can enter total number of items they wish to purchase. They enter the book Id code to indicate the product of their choice. They enter number of those books for that item.

User presses the "Process Item" button to see the item's info (or receive a popup message indicating an invalid book id). Pressing "Confirm Item" adds that transaction to the running total.

The user has the ability to click the "View Order" button to see the current items in their cart. Pressing "Finish Order" completes the purchase and this is written to a text file.

"New Order" resets the cart, and "Exit" does what it sounds like.

This program uses date formatting, various classes, and instatiated objects + knowing the difference between static and non-static, etc. It isn't meant to be awe-inspiring; just a simple demonstration of, and practice with, Java.

Screenshots were uploaded to demonstrate the program in it's working form.



(Complete) A simple interface using Java's FXML, Scene Builder 2.0, and basic file read/write



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