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Planet Funk

An arcade styled Mission Command meets Tower Defense space.

Game Play Example


Planet Funk is under attack by the Federation of Tone Deaf Worlds. Their leader, Emperor Monotonous IV, in a fit of jealousy, had ordered the total annhilation of your rhythym-loving people.

Seeing as you were the Funkiest of them all, your people have united their ability to jam and chose you to focus their bodacious talents in defense of all that is groovy.


Touching screen, or clicking the left mouse button on play area will fire nearest working defensive weapon at the place of touch/click

Touching screen, or clicking the left mouse button on Planet Funk will erect a temporary force field of protection if both A) one isn't already up, and B) there is enough energy in reserve. If energy is out, nothing happens. If barrier is already up, it will deactivate the barrier.

Time recharges energy for both defensive weapons and barrier.

Weapons that have been struck are rendered inactive and useless.

Fewer unscathed populated areas on the planet means slower planet shield recharge rate.


When the planet has lost all four of its populated quadrants, GAME OVER.

Score is determined by destroyed enemy units. Every enemy's death adds points to total score.

Every 25,000 points will revive a damaged weapon. Every 50,000 points will revive a damaged populated area. If all populated areas are undamaged, a damaged weapon is rebuilt. If all weapons and populated areas are intact, then it's just points.

See in game help tutorial for a more visual description of how the game works.

In Game Help Screen

Where It's At

Game is live and playable at Planet Funk


Detailed documentation

First Steps

  1. Navigate to the root folder where you want your project to reside.

  2. Run git clone

  3. Run npm install. If failure, see Common Gotchas section below.

  4. Run npm run start and then simply navigate to http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

New to Gulp

-- Make sure to install Gulp at the global level, as this is a necessary step to make the boilerplate's scripts run.

npm install -g gulp

Common Gotchas

--Might get a failure to fully install when running npm install

Try running npm install --ignore-scripts

-- Might get the error
"Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'your-path/small-project-boilerplate\node_modules\node-sass\vendor'"

To remedy this, simply run npm rebuild node-sass

-- If you're running the npm run readme command, and your classes are not all present.

Make sure you aren't importing a capitalized version of the name (ie. import { Doug } from './Doug' when it should in fact be import { Doug } from './doug') assuming of course you've name the file with standard camelCase.


(Complete) An arcade styled Mission Command meets Tower Defense space.



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