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Two-tier Client-Server Java Application

Small Java application (GUI) demonstrating connectivity to a MySQL database.

This project's purpose will be to practice basic Java skills, create and implement an FXML graphical interface, connect with a MySQL database, and allow a user to manipulate that database through the GUI.

User enters has the ability to change the JDBC Driver through a dropdown, and the Database URL as well.

The Username and Password will provide the login materials needed to determine what authority user has over database queries.

There is an area for the user to type in their SQL commands, but it will be the "Execute SQL Command" button that implements it. A "Clear Command" button wipes the area clean to start again.

A "Connect to Database" button uses the user-supplied data to connect to the database, while inverse "Disconnect from Database" severs the connection.

Once the query is executed and determined to be valid, the database results will be supplied in the SQL Execution Result section at the bottom of the GUI.

This program uses FXML, Scene Builder 2.0, MySQL 5.7, and implements a basic GUI for the user.

Screenshots were uploaded to demonstrate the program in its working form.


(Complete) Small Java application (GUI) demonstrating connectivity to a MySQL database.



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