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Virtual Environment for Developing Interactive Code

The purpose of his project will be to create a two-part Integrated Development Environment entirely in virtual reality (ie. Oculus Rift). Where an IDE like Sublime Text or Eclipse does in 2D space, VEDIC will do in 3D space.

Part One: A data-structure analytical tool for databases; primarily MySQL for the initial prototype. This will be able to virtually model a MySQL database (local or remote). This program will perform the complete CRUD spectrum (Create, Read, Update, and Delete), as well as perform various analysis of the database itself. Its modular design will allow for additional analytics to be added over time.

Part Two (not for initial prototype): Import a C# project package of files, create virtual elements representing the various classes and their components, and illustrate the relationships between those files (import statements, instantiations of objects, etc.).

The final part of this program's functionality will be the creation of code in a 3D environment that can then be parsed back into C# where it can be compiled and executed. The compilation and execution functionality exceeds the scope of this project's first version.

##Some credit due to assets used, both free and paid for:

Interior Assets (Paid)

-Sci-Fi Interior Pack by Aniow CG
-Sci-Fi Holographic Screens by BRAiNBOX

Interior Assets (Free for non-commercial use)

-Tales from the Rift by Peter Koch -Cat gif by
-Corgu gif by

UI Assets & Functionality (Paid)

-Star Wanderer GUI by Vengeance MK 1

UI Assets & Functionality (Free for non-commercial use)

-Leap Motion Controller Modules
-Unity/Oculus Headset API


(Part 1 Complete) Virtual Environment for Developing Interactive Code



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