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Simply the best tool for CS:GO Font Management
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Font Manager is a software designed to simplify switching between different custom fonts for CS:GO.

It features a "Drag-and-Drop" system which allows you to add new fonts in seconds. This software is safe to use and is completely VAC free.


  • Easy font management!
  • Drag and drop to add new fonts!
  • Add already installed system fonts
  • One click font removal
  • Support for the new panorama update!

Just take me to the installation...






1 Windows

1.1 Main

The main window is consisting of a list view representing your current Font Library. These fonts can be applied to CS:GO.

When a font is selected, the "Apply Selected Font" button will appear, pressing this will prompt you to change the current CS:GO font. If you confirm this, the program will change your font in CS:GO to the new one.

In case you appreciate the program, there is also a button for donations in the shape of trade offers through Steam.

At the bottom of the window is version information as well as a link to restore the saved path to the CS:GO local files, and a link to see additional information about Font Manager.

1.1.1 Add font

To add a font, press the green "+" button or drag-and-drop directly into the font list.

1.1.2 Remove font

To delete a font from the Font Manager, you need to select it from the font library and then press the red "X" button.


This will NOT uninstall the font from your computer! This must be done manually.

1.2 Add Font

The add font window looks the same as the main window, but here you can select from a list of already installed fonts on your computer. Select one and press the "Add Selected Font" button.

2 Credits

2.1 Developers

Font Manager is developed by Dotch.

2.2 Others

Thanks to the following people whose projects have helped develop Font Manager:

  • Kliu - developer of FontReg (source code here).
  • BananaGaming (Maxim) - For his input & suggestions on how to improve the design for Version 3.0!🎉

2.3 Community

Recieved a lot of improvement, ideas and suggestions from feedback!

3 More

3.1 FAQ

Read the full FAQ here.

3.2 Need help?

Visit our Subreddit.

3.3 Do you have feedback?

Submit it here!

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