Photoshelter UI Test project built with WebDriverIO, with the option to run on SauceLabs
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PhotoShelter Web Automation

Objective: To automate Functional Testing of the PhotoShelter Web App using WebdriverIO. Tests are written in the BDD Style using Mocha with Chai

Getting Started


To run tests locally:

$ yarn run test

To run tests against Saucelabs:

$ yarn run test-sauce

To run tests against browserstack

$ yarn run test-bs

If you want to run a single suite you simply pass the suite name as an argument:

$ wdio wdio.conf.local.js --suite login

It is possible to run multiple specific suites at one:

$ wdio wdio.conf.local.js --suite login,libris


Install Yarn

Yarn is a package management system similar to NodeJS. Yarn is highly performant.

$ brew install yarn

Install Selenium Drivers Locally

Selenium makes direct calls to the browser using the browsers native support for automation. The drivers are provided when using any cloud service. Drivers must be installed locally to run tests/develop locally.

Safaridriver comes with Safari versions 10+

Install Chromedriver

Use Brew to install chromedriver.

$ brew install chromedriver
$ which chromedriver
Install Geckodriver

Use Brew to install Geckodriver (Firefox)

$ brew install geckodriver
$ which geckodriver

Folder Structure

├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── specs
├── src
│   ├── pageobjects
│   └── uimap
├── wdio.browserstack.conf.js
├── wdio.conf.js
├── wdio.conf.local.js
└── yarn.lock

Docker Instructions

Make sure you have docker installed locally. Please see docker documentation for installation instructions.


Built With

  • WebdriverIO - The webdriver bindings for Node.js
  • Mocha - Test runner
  • Chai - For the BDD Assertion Library
  • yarn - Dependency Management
  • Docker - Package Management

Browser/Platform Under Test

As part of a Definition of Done, it is expected that any new tests are run against browserstack. Two outcomes are expected on test failure:

  1. Developer Error: The test is fixed and passes before a PR & Merge.
  2. Bug: The test fails due to a bug, a jira bug ticket is then created.