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Story: I was showing my Vietnamese Fiancee around town today and decided to show her the Family Graves located in Green Lawn Cemetery. I had a hard time remembering exactly where their tombstones laid but eventually found them.

As we walked by anonymous tombstones my Fiancee asked me why we cannot tell who's who because just what’s written in stone. It would have been a confusing question to any other person but having visited her Family in Vietnam on a small Rice Farm it made sense to why she would ask me that.

In Vietnam, their graves are not in the ground but above ground where it has very detailed info about who lays to rest, as well as a picture of who lies there. The only time I did not see a picture were the ones probably before they had cameras in Vietnam but the earlier generations all had photos of who it was.

However, I did point out that some tombstones did indeed have a picture but not all. So it got me thinking, why not have an online database of those laid to rest in Green Lawn Cemetery? Especially with Ancestry and Genealogy on the rise.

Issue: - Seems to be no way to look up any specific grave site at Greenlawn Cemetary in Columbus. - The only map I can find on Green Lawn’s website is under the veteran location tab: - I did send out an email requesting if there was and was able to get a response back. The email said: - “Yes there is something along the lines you describe called webcemeteries. If you have an android or iPhone, search in your app store for "Green Lawn Cemetery" and download the free app. It has a search feature that lets you look a person up and then you can select to see the space on a map. Depending on your phone settings, it may even guide you to it.” - Personally, I am going to resist from checking it out as it seems to be a phone app and the Green Lawn website seems to have no function at all. Solution: - Create an interactive website of Green Lawn - Show an overall map with a Legend - Be able to search for individual grave sites - Be able to click on a specific section on the map OR manually search for a specific section - Have Sections for specific Historical Value

Progress can be tracked through Trello & GitHub Trello: GitHub:


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