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A framework for running and visualizing any algorithm, along with a set of plugins for progressive curve simplification
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Eastern flyway spring migration of adult white storks - 2330_HH841-2330.csv
Oceanic navigation in Cory's shearwaters (Gagliardo et al. 2013) - C4 (L045976)-Y5.csv

This repository consists of two main modules:

  • AlgorithmVisualization: an algorithm-agnostic UI and set of tools that can be used for running, configuring and visualizing algorithms.

  • MultiScaleTrajectories: a set of algorithms and UI plugins for the AlgorithmVisualization module, for a problem called progressive curve simplification. This is a problem that comes from cartography, where one wants to simplify a line feature (e.g. a river or road) over multiple levels of detail, such that zooming in progressively reveals more detail without producing any visual artifacts. For more information, see my thesis.

Running the latest build

If you simply want to run the latest build, extract all contents of to a folder, and run MultiScaleTrajectories.exe.

You can import Griffon Vulture NABU Moessingen.csv, a simple flight trajectory of a griffon vulture across Europe, to start running the various progressive simplification algorithms.

Build Instructions (Visual Studio)

Make sure all references are pointing to the right DLL's in the packages folder and make sure to right click MultiScaleTrajectories -> Set as StartUp Project in the solution explorer.


  • Json.NET - Versatile JSON library for .NET
  • GMap.NET - Overlaying animal trajectories over Google maps
  • OpenTK - OpenGL bindings for C#
  • AlgoKit - heap implementions for use in Dijkstra's algorithm
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