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An Android clone of the Bloop iOS game by @rustym on twitter
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This is an Android game created by Stephen Molyneaux between December 22 and 28, 2012. It is a clone of the iOS game Bloop by @rustym. It was made using libgdx and the Universal Tween Engine. Due to the short development cycle the source code is not that representative of what I make. This is also the first game I've finished in Java.

Download square-jam-android.apk and install on an Android device to start playing.


The game can be played many ways. The intended way to play is for each player, up to 4 players, to pick a color, press their own color while attempting to prevent other players for pressing theirs.

Players can decide on their own rules for how many hands they can use and how physical the game can get (ex. no grabbing each other's hands, can use both hands but only one can press at a time, etc).

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