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@sdottaka sdottaka released this 27 Jul 12:21
· 83 commits to master since this release

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WinMerge 2.16.32 Release Notes

July 2023

About This Release

This is a WinMerge 2.16.32 stable release.
This release replaces earlier WinMerge stable releases as a recommended release.

Please submit bug reports to our bug-tracker.

What Is New in 2.16.32


  • BugFix: Export/Import settings bug with Substitution Filters (#1925)

File compare

  • BugFix: Save function doesn't work if the path length exceeds 248
    characters (#1923)
  • BugFix: Redundant confirmation "The selected files are identical" (#1902)
  • Update Python syntax highlighting keyword list. (PR #1938)

Folder compare

  • BugFix: Treeview scrolls to the wrong position. (#1915)
  • Allow changing the number of CPU cores to use while doing folder comparison
    (PR #1945)

Webpage compare

  • Add support for generating report files (PR #1941)

Command line

  • Compare folders recursively if "Include subfolders" is checked in the
    Options dialog even if the /r command line option is not specified.
    (PR #1914)

Archive support

  • Update 7-Zip to 23.01 (PR #1913)


What Is New in 2.16.31 Beta


  • BugFix: Some Substitution filter doesn't work (#1861)
  • Add tasks to Jump List (PR #1828)
  • Update DirCmpReport.cpp (PR #1892)

File compare

  • BugFix: Fix input range check processing in "Go to" dialog. (PR #1826)
  • BugFix: End of line diff is a bit wanky (#1838, PR #1849)
  • Confirm copy all in file merge (PR #1827)
  • Modify the "Go to" dialog. (PR #1896)

Folder compare

  • BugFix: Display problem with Item totals : (#1840)
  • BugFix: Bug in ignore whitespace ? (#1882)


  • PrettifyJSON: Update jq to version 1.6 (#1871)
  • Translate some plugin error messages (PR #1873)
  • ApplyPatch: Update GNU patch to 2.7.6-1 (PR #1897)(#1871)


  • Silent install blocked (#1852)


Known issues

  • Suggestion to make the result of image comparison more reliable (#1391)
  • Crashes when comparing large files (#325)
  • Very slow to compare significantly different directories (#322)
  • Vertical scrollbar breaks after pasting text (#296)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.16.30...v2.16.32