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@sdottaka sdottaka released this 27 Nov 12:09
· 9 commits to master since this release

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WinMerge 2.16.36 Release Notes

November 2023

About This Release

This is a WinMerge 2.16.36 stable release.
This release replaces earlier WinMerge stable releases as a recommended release.

Please submit bug reports to our bug-tracker.

What Is New in 2.16.36

Image compare

  • BugFix: Fix an issue where opening read-only and multi-page image files
    would cause them to be treated as only one-page images.

Webpage compare

  • Improved performance when there are many differences

File filter

  • Bugfix: Modify the "File Filters" dialog. (#2118)


  • Translation updates:

What Is New in 2.16.35 Beta

File compare

  • BugFix: Fixed an issue where "Copy to Left/Right and Advance" would
    sometimes skip differences when comparing 3 files. (#1234)
  • BugFix: Print Preview buttons are not translatable (#2083,#2079)
  • BugFix: Fixed the issue where the caption set in the header bar is restored
    when the window is resized.

Binary compare

  • BugFix: V2.16.34 "X86" wired action (#2081)

Image compare

  • BugFix: Close main window with 'Esc' if there is only one MDI child window

Webpage compare

  • BugFix: Close main window with 'Esc' if there is only one MDI child window
  • Webpage Compare: synchronize events (#2111,#2064)

Folder compare

  • BugFix: Ignoring carriage return differences doesn't work anymore

File filters

  • BugFix: Fixed the issue where "[F]" could be set as the file filter if no file
    filter was selected in the Filters dialog.


  • BugFix: fix bug of Registry path (PR #2086)
  • BugFix: "Register Windows 11 Shell Extension" fails because PowerShell script
    doesn't escape special chars correctly (#2109)


Known issues

  • Suggestion to make the result of image comparison more reliable (#1391)
  • Crashes when comparing large files (#325)
  • Very slow to compare significantly different directories (#322)
  • Vertical scrollbar breaks after pasting text (#296)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.16.34...v2.16.36