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Welcome to the Viewpoint Wiki.

Viewpoint is a client library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services. Stay tuned to this wiki for example usage and other documentation.

How are you using Viewpoint?

If you are using Viewpoint for a project drop me a line on Github and let me know what you’re using it for and how it’s working for you. I’d love to list your name or company here.

Example Usage

Ruby 1.9 users: make sure and require 'kconv'. This is a requirement of rubyntlm.

Get a Folder object that represents your Inbox.

Viewpoint::EWS::EWS.endpoint = 'http://myemail.com/ews/exchange.asmx'
Viewpoint::EWS::EWS.set_auth 'username','password'
inbox = Viewpoint::EWS::Folder.get_folder_by_name('Inbox')

Get attachments from an Item object. The Item#attachments method will return an array of a subclass of Attachment.

items = inbox.find_items
attmts = items[3].attachments
# This will save the file to the current directory with the default filename
# You can specify a path + name if you want to change this behavior. #save_to_file(dir_path, file_name)

# If you'd like to look at the data without saving to file you can unpack it (Base64 decode)
# attmts.first.unpack('m').first # returns an array with unpacked data, pull the first one