Viewpoint in the wild

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Viewpoint in the Wild

If you are using Viewpoint in a project and would like to list it, please add it below.

Projects using Viewpoint

  • Project Unsubscribe! – A way to finally “Unsubscribe” from long e-mail chains that I don’t want to be involved in. Like Google’s Hide feature for Threads.
  • Syncing appointments from Exchange to a database – This project is a production application to sync Exchange appointments with a database (not Open Source, sorry)
  • Scheduling appointments via web (creating, updating, deleting appointments from various calendars)
  • Scheduling appointments in Fat Free CRM and making them show up in Outlook calendars. We’re building a plugin to FFCRM that will allow certain types of objects to create themselves in Exchange. E.g. setting a date field could cause a meeting to appear in outlook calendars of subscribed users. Such a plugin would be a thin integration of viewpoint into ffcrm.
  • Taco brings all of your existing tasks from 40+ services on to one screen, and uses Viewpoint to communicate with Exchange.